In 2023, Prairie Dog Sports decided to introduce a very special annual award, The Bear Memorial Award, to honour the little dog that is at the heart of PDS and the very reason we have PDS today.

PDS has grown to include so many new friends, clients, and competitors as well as so many different sports and we felt it was important to find a way to ensure Bear’s continued presence at PDS and make sure everyone knows about this wonderful dog that brought so much to so many.

Bear, aka Sir Bear, Brr d’Brr, was a black and tan Miniature Pinscher, he was Michelle’s first dog, her heart, soul, and best friend, below is their story and why we are so honoured to offer this award on their behalf.

Michelle hadn’t set out to look for a dog, so when she met Bear, and she had no idea how her life was about to change from the very first moment she held him. Through Bear, Michelle was introduced to a whole new world she hadn’t known she needed, he gave her the confidence to try new things and venture further than she ever thought possible.

Bear went on to become Michelle’s trusted co-pilot, travel buddy, confidant and above all her beloved companion and source of joy.  Bear was at Michelle’s side for her wedding, her teammate in sports and all the ups and downs of life.

Bear was an exuberant greeter and always had a huge welcome for everyone, often culminating in his loud min pin screams of delight. His personality and attitude much bigger than his physical stature, he loved to make a friend but was always clear humans were there to do his bidding and make sure his needs and wants were met.

Together Michelle and Bear explored the wide world of dog sports, some things were a hit, like agility and Barn Hunt, some were a hard pass like formal obedience. Bear made sure Michelle knew his opinions on the activity of the day and whether flailing at the end of his leash like a bucking bronco in obedience class or leaving Michelle alone on the agility field that time he deemed her too bossy, if Bear wasn’t having fun, he was having no part of it.

They ventured all over for dog sports, from Alberta to Montana and Texas, taking in the sights, facilities and building that special bond that happens when a person meets their heart dog.

Bear became the most titled Miniature Pinscher in Canada earning his RATI, RATN, RATO, RATS, RATM & CZ8S, to this day he is the only min pin to have earned his Master title in Canada. In 2019, Michelle and Bear traveled to McKinney, Texas and took part in the Barn Hunt Grand Nationals.

Bear lived a loved life, full of adventure and enjoying each moment to the fullest. He enjoyed basking in a sunbeam, digging holes, standing watch over a rodent hole, or just running with this pack.

Sadly, Bear left this world suddenly in 2020, all our hearts were broken but none more so than Michelle’s, though we are sure the bond they shared is unbreakable and true even in death and that is why Prairie Dog Sports is pleased to acknowledge not only Bear’s contributions to Michelle’s life, the founding of Prairie Dog Sports but as one half of the team that demonstrated sportsmanship, team work and a dedication to the sport of Barn Hunt, the cornerstones of the Bear Memorial Award at Prairie Dog Sports.

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