The North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA) was formed in 2016 to demonstrate the breadth of these olfactory abilities. Trials are designed to resemble both historic working and competitive field work as closely as possible. NASDA Working Dog Trials offer an opportunity for all dogs to engage in scent games previously open to only a select few breeds and working dogs. Competing teams can get titles and championships that showcase their merits and abilities within hunt and search situations.

winter NASDA Online Lost Item recovery Challenge

Challenge Dates: December 1 2023-Janurary 31 2024

Titles and 3 grand prizes available to earn!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our winners!



Saturday March 30 4:00-6:00pm

Introduction to NASDA

Learn the foundation skills to be successful in this new sport, 

We will be focusing on level 1 shed,  Urban, Lost Item, Trail and locating (April ONLY/ weather dependent)

No experience is required Dogs must be at least 6 months old to participate

Feb 25

2:30-6:30pm (2 spots left)

April 28

10-2pm FULL

Limited to 6 Working Spots

Working spot $189.00 (Etransfer)/ $194.78 (Credit card)

Auditing Spot $131.25 (Etransfer) / $13.25 (Credit card)

Advanced skills and Urban Games

This seminar will help both dog and handler improve their skills and confidence while working on more challenging hides and searches.

We will also cover the rules and skills required to tackle the urban games 1-5.

Dogs MUST have previous experience, have completed an introduction seminar or are already competing.

Feb 25


Limited to 6 working spots

Unlimited Auditing

Working Spot $189.00 (Etransfer) /$194.78 (Credit Card)

Auditing Spot $131.25 (Etransfer) / $135.25 (Credit Card)

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