PDS Scavenger "card" hunt

Trials are a great way to meet new people and dogs.

Our scavenger hunt is a fun way to meet all the friendly faces of the PDS team and the featured dogs of 2023,

while also working your way to winning a prize.

The trading cards include fun facts about PDS, the dogs and a QR code take you to our website where you can explore all that PDS has to offer.

Rules of the hunt


1. Figure out what dogs have cards (There are a total of 20 cards)

2. Attend the PDS Barnhunt, Nadd and Disc events to find the members

3. Collect 1 copy of each dogs card

4. Once you've collected all the cards you will get to spin our prize wheel at the next event you go to!


**HINTS- Not all PDS members attend all the sports so you may need to be strategic in gaining cards                                                                                      (Ask friends ** cough cough**) Some members may also have more than 1 dog ;) **

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