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Learn to swim

*This is a beginner class, no experience required*

If your dog has not been introduced to water, is hesitant to get in the water or seems afraid of it, try our 4 week learn to swim to introduce them and get them comfortable in the water.

Not every pet is a natural swimmer and just like people, dogs may need to be taught how to swim.

The safety and comfort of your dog is paramount, and they will not be forced to swim if they are scared.

Patients and encouragement are required while your dog is learning


Wednesdays 1130-1230

Sept 6-27

Swimming for fun and fitness

**This class is for dogs who are confidently and independently swimming**

Swimming is good exercise for the whole body, from cardio to building muscle, and swimming helps stimulate your dogs mind and keep them alert, focused and happy.

This class is for dogs who are looking for weekly time in the pool in a class setting.


Tuesdays 1130-1230pm  Sept 5-26

Wednesdays 4-5pm Sept 6-27

Thursdays 10-11am Sept 7-28

Dock Diving 101: Foundation skills

**for dogs who are confidently swimming and retrieving on their own**

Teach your dog the foundation skills that will help transform them into a confident dock diving dog.

Build up their confidence to take their first jumps using the ramp and our training dock, and eventually moving them up to the competition dock once they're ready.


Tuesdays 10-11am Sept 5-26

Thursdays 6-7pm Sept 7-28

DOCk Diving 102: Advanced skills & Games

*For dogs who are confidently jumping and retrieving on their own**

Improve your throwing skills and timing, perfect your dogs stride, form and jumping abilities, learn foundation skills of Air Retrieve & Hydro dash.

Take your competition skills to the next level with this 4 week class.


Tuesdays 5-6pm Sept 5-26

Thursdays 1130-1230pm Sept 7-28


Our seminars are finished for the season, Check back for more spring 2024 dates

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