Take part in the dog sport that is catching fire across the nation.

Barnhunt is a fun sport that allows your dog to use its natural instincts and abilities to locate gerbils in a safe and controlled environment.


Introduction to Barnhunt

This seminar is geared towards those with no previous experience in the sport.

During this seminar your dog(s) will be introduced to the gerbils (quarry box and tube), get them started on foundation skills in the ring (climbing/tunneling/searching)

You will learn all the rules and skills required to be successful in the sport, working on building confidence in your dog, all while bonding and having fun with your dog.

Dogs will be worked one one one

*Reactive dogs are welcome but must be able to be managed*

No Previous Experience is required

Dogs must be at least 4 months old and fully vaccinated

March 3 FULL


March 3


April 28


Limited to 6 dogs

$126/per dog (Etransfer)

$129.95/per dog (credit card)

Master Handling and troubleshooting

This seminar is geared towards teams that are already actively participating in Barnhunt and want to improve their skills and work on fixing any frustrating ring behaviors.

Every dog is different and each team will experience different challenges and successes during their Barnhunt journey.

Common struggles are Tunnel refusals, Indication, Distance challenges, Handling skills, scent differentiating, over arousal, lack of confidence. These are just a few things that will be targeted

During this seminar you will work one on one with our instructor(s) who will give you tips, tricks and techniques to help you. Every dogs run will be videoed then reviewed as a group to break them down and see the good, the bad, any indications or body language you may miss while being in the ring and what can be improved on.

February 24 FULL & 25 FULL

March 2 FULL

(three separate seminars)


Max 5 Dogs 

Working Spots $189.00/Dog *E-transfer* ($194.78 *Credit Card*)

Auditing Spots $131.25/Person *E-transfer* ($135.35 *Credit Card*)


No weekly commitment. Practice with your dog when you want.

Courses for all competition levels available

Dogs may attend drop ins once they have completed one of the following:

an introductory private, seminar, Class or are already competing


                           Each dog will get 3 turns working in the ring. 


Tuesdays  March 5 & 12 7:00-9:00pm

Thursdays March 7, 21 & 28 5:00-7:00pm

Saturday March 30 10:00am-12:00pm



Work one on one with a PDS trainer 

Private sessions are great way to work with your dog in a less distracting environment.

Sessions are available for Basic Obedience, Behavioral challenges, NASDA introduction and practice, Barnhunt Introduction and practice.

Privates are initially 30 min sessions (1 dog only)

Read the instructions listed when booking on how to add an additional dog/time

30 minutes - $63.00

45 Minutes - $94.50

1 Hour -$126.00


Thursdays March 7 & 21 7:15-8:15pm

Saturday March 30 12:30-3:30pm

fun matches

practice in a trial like setting without the stress of a trial.

Fun Matches are a great way to set you and your dog up for success and to work through those trial jitters.

Fun matches are ran with the same rules as regular trials, with the exception of toys and belly bands are allowed (FEO runs).

Practice your tunnels, climbing, distance challenges, waiting in a blind and more.

Plus you can run in any level you would like, and run as many times as you would like.

Dogs DO NOT require a registration number to participate

Dogs must be at least 6 months old

March 29 2024


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