Time to make a splash!

Come and enjoy our outdoor HEATED canine pool and dock !


self serve sessions are available for the remainder of the season.

Our pool is closing as of Sept 26 2021


Diving dogs is a canine sport in which dogs are enticed to run the length of a dock and leap as far out into the water as possible to compete for height or distance. They’re motivated to fly with a prized toy, which is thrown just out of reach in order to help them keep their momentum and get the best launch angle possible.

Come practice and train on our indoor dock!

Air retrieve and Hydro dash equipment available upon request

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Whether you want to keep your working dog in shape, ease your pups arthritis pain, get him back on his feet after surgery, or building your dogs confidence in water and learning how to swim.

Getting your dog in the water may be just what he needs.

Our pool is on grounds of Prairie Dog Sports inc.

All newcomers to the facility must complete at least one of our introductory sessions in order to get approval for practice rentals.

Introductory sessions are required for your safety and are required so we are satisfied that you and yours dog(s) are comfortable and knowledgeable with the rules of the pool, your physical surroundings, and your dogs ability to swim and jump safely.

Once approved, you can book private practice times.

Your dog must like toys in order to participate in pool activities. To maintain a clean pool for our visitors we do not allow food rewards in the pool unless otherwise stated.

Introductory pool session with PDS trainer

We will introduce your dog to the ramp and pool in a safe and positive manner, assist them in swimming properly and help build confidence.

During the session we will go over our pool & facility rules and expectations, and how to properly do an after swim/jump cool down.

45 Minutes (30minutes in the pool)

$75 plus tax first dog

$40 plus tax additional dog 

Maximum 3 dogs, same family per session

** Must do an intro session regardless if your dog is already jumping/ swimming or not, if it is your first time at our facility **


Pool swim session with an instructor

For dogs who have completed our pool intro but still need assistance in the pool, or who are wanting to learn how to jump or improve their jumping skills, or use of the Air retrieve or Hydro Dash equipment.

- sessions may be booked for a minimum of 15 minutes


$2.00 (Plus Tax) / Minute


Self Serve pool Sessions

Supervised sessions, dogs must be approved, jumping or independent swimming only

- Sessions may be booked for a minimum of 15 Minutes


$1.50 ( Plus Tax) / Minute

- Sessions may be split among multiple dogs, fees will be applied according to each dogs swimming ability -

** Be prepared to get wet, bring a change of clothes & shoes**

We have toys and a selection of life jacket sizes to borrow if required

All breeds welcome

Puppies must have vaccinations

All dogs must be on leash at all times, until they are in the pool/ dock area

A PDS trainer must be present at the pool at all times.

Questions: Please contact us at prairiedogsports@outlook.com or alannahleavitt94@gmail.com

Contact us to book a swim/ dock session

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