Obedience Drop In

This class is geared towards dogs of all skill level and ages over 3 months old.

During these drop in sessions dogs will learn basic obedience skills and manner, learn new techniques and drills to improve on skills/ behaviors they may be struggling with,  practice proofing manners and behaviors in environment with more distractions.

Basic skills include impulse control, greeting manners, recalls, engagement skills, leash skills, sit, down and more.

Minimum of 3 months old and fully vaccinated to participate

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Puppy Foundations

This class is perfect for that brand new puppy you just brought home!

Training methods based on Karen Prior puppy Start Right and Ian Dunbar teachings.

During this class you will work on setting your puppy up to be confident and have a great start to their training journey.

Socializing with sights, sounds, costumes, handling, grooming, and information on early care and raising your pup as well as help troubleshooting problems and behaviors.

Puppies ages 8-12 weeks ONLY, Must have at least their first round of vaccines

*Extensive cleaning procedures will be practiced to keep your puppies as healthy and safe as possible prior to being fully vaccinated**

4 week class

sports Sampler 

This class covers 3 different sports over a 6 week class, giving your dog and you to try new sports and see what your dog is most interested in. Week 1 & 2 Scent Detection

Week 3 & 4 NASDA (Shed, Urban, lost item and trial (weather permitting)

Week 5 & 6 Barnhunt

No previous experience is required.

Dogs must be a minimum of 4 months weeks old and fully vaccinated.

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Scent detection classes & Drop ins

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Barnhunt Drop ins

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NASDA DRop ins

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Learn to Swim

This class is for dogs who haven't been introduced to water yet or who like water but need extra encouragement to get more than their toes wet.

During this class you and your dog will work one on one with an instructor that will be in the pool with your dog.

Dogs will be introduced to the ramp and water at their own pace, the goal will be to build confidence on the ramp and in the pool using praise, toys and/or treats, as dogs gain more experience you will work on swimming abilities and building more toy drive in the pool.

Instructors will ensure that dogs learn how to use their legs and muscles properly and safely, and that their water experience is always controlled and fun.

Life jackets will be used for all new dogs for at least their first class

No previous experience required

Dogs Must be at least 4 months old and fully vaccinated

Swim for fun and fitness

This class if for dogs who just want to go for a nice swim and enjoy some time in the pool, or who are recovering from injuries and need a low impact for of exercise.

Swimming is good exercise for the whole body, from cardio to building and retaining muscles.

It also helps stimulate your dogs mind and keep them alert, focused and happy.

During this class dogs will be worked based on their comfort and skill level

Dogs who are swimming after recovering from an injury must have approval/ be cleared by their vet and supply a note upon starting the class.

An instructor may be in the pool during your dogs turns to ensure they are using the muscles/ legs appropriately and safely.

(Dogs must be swimming independently to participate)

Dock Diving 101

This class if for dogs who are already actively swimming and retrieving toys from the pool unassisted.

You will learn the foundation skills required to have a successful and confident dock diving dog.

During this class you will work on positively building confidence to jump!

Whether they are working to jump off the ramp, training dock (Baby Dock), or competition dock (Big Dock) will depend on each individual dogs age, confidence level and skills.

Dogs will be worked with at a pace they are comfortable with as we want them to build a solid foundation, dogs will never be pushed or dragged into the water.

Dogs may continue in this class until they are consistently jumping off the competition dock

(Dogs must be independently swimming and have toy drive to participate.)

advanced Dock Diving 102

This class is for dogs who are already competing or actively jumping off the dock.

The goal of this class is to work with handlers to Improve their dogs jumping distance, stride, and form, practice throwing and timing skills, and have the option to learn the foundation skills of Air retrieve/ Hydro dash.

Each dog will be worked with one on one based on their current skills, and goals.

(Dogs must already be confidently jumping & Swimming to participate.)

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