Dock Diving

Come Rock the Dock with your dog at one of our Dock Diving trials!

Enjoy our outdoor HEATED competition pool and dock Open from May-September


Swimming is a great form of exercise for all dogs, any breed, age or size.

Whether you want to teach your puppy to swim, have a senior dog with mobility issues/ arthritis, or want a low impact form of fitness training. We have a session type for you.

Introduction Sessions

Mandatory for all new dogs

 Introduce your dog to the water in a safe, controlled and positive manner, With the assistance of one of our trainers.

 We help your dog build confidence and to learn how to swim properly.

During the session we will go over our pool & facility rules and expectations, and how to properly do an after swim/jump cool down.

45 Minutes Session $84 plus tax

first dog $40 plus tax additional dog 

Maximum 3 dogs, same family per session


Work one on one with a PDS instructor and have a session custom fitted to your dogs needs. Continuing to build swimming confidence and strength

Taking the first steps to jumping, Air retrieve, or Hydro dash Senior swims and more...

Sessions starting at $39.37 (15 minutes) and increase based on scheduled time

$2.50 (plus tax) / Minute


Dogs must be pre-approved to book

Cool off your dog, Swim for fitness or practice jumping off the dock during these independent sessions. -Sessions start at $31.50 (15 minutes) and incease based on scheduled time $2.00 (Plus tax) / Minute

**For private group (Larger than 3 people) bookings please contact us, and we will create a custom session for you.** 

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