Prairie Dog Sports Inc.



$15.00/Hour (PLUS Tax)

Drop in times are NON instructional

Limited to 4 working sports

Courses will be pre-set for practice.

If you move equipment, please replace it back to its original location.

Dogs MUST have experience on agility equipment to attend drop ins


$10.00/Run or $25.00/3 Runs

(May be split among multiple dogs/ same handler)

Pre-Payment is required

Dogs MUST have completed an introduction to attend drop ins

Introductions to Barnhunt

$42.50/Dog (PLUS tax)

**Drop in times change depending on facility bookings and class schedules**

**Check out our BARNHUNT, AGILITY & OBEDIENCE PAGES for more info**


$50.00/Hour (PLUS Tax)

$25.00/Half Hour (PLUS Tax)

**Check out our PRIVATES PAGE for more info**

Introductory pool sessions with PDS trainer

1hr session

We will introduce your dog to the ramp and pool in a safe and positive manner, assist them in swimming properly and help build confidence.

we will also go over  our pool/ facility rules & expectations, how to properly stretch out your dog after sessions

All new swim sessions are required to do an intro prior to being approved for open pool sessions.

$100 (PLUS Tax) first dog $25 (PLUS Tax) 2nd dog same family

Open Pool Rental

**for dogs who have attended and introduction or seminar**

supervised but no assistance in the pool

$2.00/Minute (PLUS Tax)

15 minutes $31.50

20 minutes $42.00

30 minutes $63.00

45 minutes $94.50

60 minutes $126.00

**Check out our MAKING A SPLASH PAGE for more info**